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By Ada Aharoni - written to her husband while he served in Sinai during the Yom Kippur War in 1973

I howled before the dawn appeared,
the restless bed
creaked in fear
beneath my banging shoulder,
while the pit in my throat
grew and grew
like a yawning crater.

Since you were clutched away
to the Judgment Day War - the sun
is black sand.
Bombs in black sackcloth float
under my breath exploding it,
making a choking icicle of me.

Before the night dies again on my lips,
flash a sign from the desert my love,
make a sign of life - so that I can
live - ending howls in sounds
of peace.

Prof. Ada Aharoni is a Peace Culture Researcher, writer, poet and lecturer. She is the Founder and President of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace. Ada lives in Haifa, Israel.

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Turn on your speakers, click and enjoy these songs
from Ada's CD To Haim - To Life: Love Poems:

A Green Week (lyrics: Ada Aharoni, song: Anat Yagen):
Why? (lyrics: Ada Aharoni, song: Revital Levanon):


The Pomegranate of Reconciliation - Official Trailer

A film about Ada and the Second Exodus of the Jews from Egypt will be released soon. This is the trailer:

Poetry Reading on Peace Day

(2015.10.12) To celebrate the International Day of Peace 2015, Ada read peace poems from her book Rare Flower on the IFLAC Radio and talked with radio host Motti Gerner about peace and her work.


Poetry Reading on IFLAC Radio
World Peace Day 2015 on IFLAC Radio.
From the left: Ada Aharoni, IFLAC Radio Director Motti Gerner,
IFLAC member Sara Kernberg

Ada receives the Haifa Honorary Citizen Award 2015

(2015.07.25) Ada has been elected Honorary Citizen of Haifa 2015 (Yakir Haifa), for her “unmatched and devoted visionary literature and poetry promoting peace and peace culture in the world.” The award ceremony took place at the Haifa Auditorium on July 8. More than a thousand people attended.

Yakir Haifa is awarded annually by the Haifa City Council to 12 men and women over the age of 65, for their contribution to the society.

Ada receives Haifa Honorary Citizen Award
Ada receives the Haifa Honorary Citizen Award
from the Mayor of Haifa, Yona Yahav

Ada with Yona Yahav, Mayor of Haifa
Ada with Yona Yahav, Mayor of Haifa

Video (in Hebrew) introducing Ada and her work at the ceremony

Poetry reading for Syndic Literary Journal

(2015.07.08) Ada has again read some of her poems for Syndic Literay Journal. Go listen.

Ada Aharoni
Poet Ada Aharoni

Life is a Pomegranate

(2015.05.25) This is a Greek translation of Ada Aharoni's poem Life is a Pomegranate, translated by writer and poet Zacharoula Gaitanaki. See full post in the IFLAC Blog.

Life is a Pomegranate

Ada on IFLAC Radio: New books, Israeli elections and Prospects for Peace

(2015.03.29) In this video interview with IFLAC Radio's Motti Gerner, Ada talks about her two recent books in Hebrew, the poetry collection Harimon (The Pomegranate) and Not in Vain, the story of Thea Wolf, the head nurse at the Jewish Hospital in Alexandria who during the Second World War helped save European Jews. She also talks about the outcome of the Israeli elections and about the open letter IFLAC wrote to Palestinian President Abbas, appealing to him to have Hamas change their Charter. The next open letter from IFLAC will be to the leader of the Israeli Arabs, who according to Ada can serve as a bridge between Israel and the Palestinians.

Ada receives the Prix du Témoignage

(2014.12.03) Ada has been awarded the Prix du Témoignage for the French version of Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life, the biography about Thea Wolf, German Head Nurse at the Jewish hospital in Alexandria during World War 2. Through the hospital and aided by Egyptian officials, hundreds of European Jews found refuge. The book has recently been translated into French, titled Thea Wolf - la femme en blanc de l'hôpital d'Alexandrie, available both as paperback and e-book.

Read more in the IFLAC Blog.

Ada receives Prix du Témoignage
Ada receives the Prix du Témoignage

Harimon / Pomegranates

(2014.11.17) Harimon is Ada's latest poetry book in Hebrew, published by Hadarim in Israel. Harimon, which means Pomegranates, contains Love and Peace poems. Some of them are translated from her English The Pomegranate, while some are new.

Ada with her book Harimon
Ada with her new poetry book Harimon

Ada receives the Golden Crown of World Poets Award 2014

(2014.11.17) The award is given by The World Poetry Research Institute - World Poets Club, South Korea. This is the second time Ada receives the Golden Crown. The first time was in 1993.

Golden Crown of World Poets Award
Golden Crown of World Poets Award 1993

"The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt" officially launched

(2014.09.19) "The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt – Uprooting and Revival in Israel" was launched on September 1 at the Writer's House in Tel Aviv. Edited by Ada Aharoni, the book tells the stories of some of the families that were forced to leave Egypt after the State of Israel was founded in 1948. Out of the 100,000 Jews in 1948, only 12 old ladies are left in the whole of Egypt, as seen in the BBC report Egypt's Jewish community's lost future.

Read the e-book. It is mostly in Hebrew, with an introduction in English.

Zvi Skolnick
Zvi Skolnick

At the launch, Zvi Skolnick sang "No Talking," one of Ada's poems, in Hebrew. Ada wrote this poem during the 2008-09 Gaza War. It could have been written today. Play it:



By Ada Aharoni

The politicians decided
We do not talk with the enemy
We will beat them because they attack us
We will shed their blood
and that of their leaders
But most of all –


In the meantime, in Sderot in Israel
And in the heart of Gaza
Blood flows and legs are blown away
And little eight-year-old
Twitee from Sderot
And Mohamed from Gaza
Will not play football anymore
But –


How can we convince violent leaders
To talk and not to shoot?
I watch from the side
At the tragic hen and egg situation
And weep together with all the sorrowful
People from both sides
But still, first and foremost –


Un luminoso abrazo fraternal / A sisterly embrace

(2014.09.01) María Irene Giurlani, new IFLAC Honorary Member in Argentina, read about Ada's work and was so inspired that she wrote this poem:



With Love, understanding Mother
white seed engenders.
To save the world she
communicates and plants light
at each one of her steps

Since the human matrix
calls us to write;
to give birth to sharing and kindness
flow with confidence and respect...

With Love, pregnant understanding
Dialogue, Hope and Liberty
blooms in Humanity
carrying Peace, the desired ending

From her fertile womb
the most beautiful seed
bridge across the continent...
ADA AHARONI rising sun!



Con Amor, comprensión de Madre,
blanco germen engendra.
Comunica y a su paso siembra
luz que al mundo salve.

Desde la humana matriz
nos llama a escribir;
parir la bondad, el compartir...
con confianza y respeto fluir...

Con Amor, el entendimiento preñado
Diálogo, Esperanza y Libertad -
florece en la Humanidad
portando Paz, fruto anhelado.

Desde su fecundo vientre
la más bella simiente
puente por todo continente...
ADA AHARONI ¡Sol saliente!

Poetry readings by Ada

(2014.08.02) As a regular contributor, Ada reads four of her poems in Syndic Literary Journal No. 11: Life is a Pomegranate, After Thirty Years, A Bridge - Not a Wall, and To My Palestinian Sister.

Radio IFLAC: The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt

(2014.04.26) Motti Gerner at Radio IFLAC interviews Ada, Dr. Sara Zamir and singer and composer Shoshya Beeri-Dotan on the newly released book The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt, edited by Ada. Shoshya Beeri-Dotan is the singer of many of Ada's poems put to music and released on the new CD "Rare Flower."

Interview on Radio IFLAC
From the left: Sara Zamir, Shoshya Beeri-Dotan, Ada Aharoni

Party Princesses

(2014.03.16) These lovely young ladies are Ada's great-granddaughters dressed up for the Purim Party: Shira 4 (in white), Shai 7, Shahar 6, and Amit 2.

4 Purim Princesses
Four Purim Princesses!

Views on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

(2014.03.12) Ada was recently invited to a high-level Think Tank workshop on the Palestinian refugee issue. She presented her paper Peace and Harmony between Israelis and Palestinians based on Mutual Recognition of National Aspirations.

New CD: Rare Flower

(2014.03.12) Ada has released a new CD with 11 of her poems put to music. Hebrew only.

CD: Rare Flower

The Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

(2014.02.08) The PowerPoint presentation below is from a lecture held by Ada on the uprooting of the Jews from Arab countries in the mid 1900's. She argues that the knowledge of this banishment, the “Second Exodus,” can be a strong element for the reconciliation and peace between Palestinians and Israelis. It would help both sides to discover their common history.

PowerPoint presentation on the Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

The Jews from Egypt

(2014.02.18) The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt – Uprooting and Revival in Israel is finally out. It chronicles 73 of the stories of the individuals and families who were forced to leave Egypt following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Most of the accounts are in Hebrew while a few are in French. Read the introduction by Ada (in English).

The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt
Ada presenting "The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt"

Ada on Wikipedia

(2013.12.27) Ada finally has a Wikipedia presentation. The article gives an overview of her biography and work, including her peace poetry: "Aharoni believes that poems are suitable vehicles for building bridges of trust and respect for each other's culture and humanity. As we have become more mobile, the most profound difference between us is our culture, and not the territory. Peace poems have the ability to present the stories of both sides in a conflict, 'in all its reality, pain, hope and yearning for peace.'"

Thoughts on Middle East, Peace and Writing

(2013.12.27) A Palestinian and an Israeli State side by side could trigger a domino effect of peace in the region and the world. The 1967 borders would give the Palestinians enough land to create a flourishing State of Palestine, and everybody would help them, including Israel. Extremist opinions and actions are major hurdles for the development of a real democracy in Egypt.

These were some of Ada's answers to the questions from the Reddit community during her Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. She also told the readers that she tries to write 8 hours a day. “8 hours,” a reader commented, “for those who think writing comes easy…”

See all the questions and answers at Reddit

Ada Aharoni
Ada answering questions at Reddit

Ada reads poems in literary magazine

(2013.06.22) Ada is a regular contributor to the Syndic Literay Journal. In Syndic No. 9, she reads three of her poems: Frida Kahlo's Secret, Nuclear Deterrence and Las Manianitas.

Ada nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013

(2013.03.06) Ada wishes to thank the IFLAC Peace Ambassadors and members for supporting the nomination of her and IFLAC to the Nobel Prize for Peace.

In the letter of nomination to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the nominator writes about Ada:

"Believing in the power of the word, she is confident that literature and culture can help to heal the urgent ailments of Israel, Palestine, and our global village, such as war, terror and conflict. The themes of Peace, love, reconciliation and coexistence, as well as equality of women, are major ones throughout her various works. She has also extensively researched and written books on the Jews of Egypt in the 20th Century, and their forced exile from Egypt (1948 – 1967)."

Read more in the IFLAC Blog.

Take the pledge: To Reach Peace in Israel – Vote for Women!

Ada and granddaughter Shahar(2012.12.05) IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace calls on all the citizens of Israel to vote for Women to promote and reach Peace, in the General Elections on January 22, 2013. The mainly men governments of Israel until now, have not succeeded to make Peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Women are more than half the citizens of Israel – and they should fill equally all the top and leadership positions in the Government and in all other institutions according to: one woman – one man for every key position.


Take the pledge.

Dr. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founding President

Two good friends: Ada and her granddaughter Shahar (4)

Rare Flowers, Bridges and Pomegranates

Rare Flower (2012.11.27) Rare Flower is a collection of Ada Aharoni's 100+ best Life, Love and Peace Poems. The book is dedicated to the memory of her two departed "Rare Flowers": Talia, her daughter, who lost her 13 year long battle against cancer in 2011, and Haim, her husband, who passed away in 2006.

The poems devoted to the two of them describe lives lived and loved. Here are the audio versions of two of the poems, read by Ada:

Tali, my Beautiful Rare Flower:
"...plucked before her time! What a terrible lack of justice! What pain!"

Our Beautiful New Home:
(In Memory of Haim): "I was a pale ivory tower, surrounded by white marble slabs until you came into my house and it became our home."

Ada's production of poetry spans five decades and includes women, love and peace poems. Peace and conflict resolution are recurrent themes in her works.

"In the case of people in long conflicts – like the Israelis and Palestinians – feelings of fear, mistrust and lack of understanding have been piling up in their hearts and minds over the years, on both sides," Ada says. Peace poems are suitable vehicles for building bridges of trust and respect for each other's culture and humanity. They can "reach and profoundly penetrate those layers of mistrust, suspicion and fear."

In her poem called "A Bridge of Peace", Ada writes, "My Arab sister, let us build a sturdy bridge from your olive world to mine, from my orange world to yours... we do not want to make each other afraid under our vines and under our fig trees."

Building bridges of understanding and peace by the means of culture, literature and communication is the goal of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace, the voluntary association of which Ada Aharoni is the Founder and World President. A "global village beyond war and terror" is achievable.



Life is a Pomegranate
Full of juicy ruby grains
Taste them fully
One by one
It is suddenly


Rare Flower is available directly from the publisher, Dignity Press, and from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Parts of the book are previously published in Hebrew, under the title "Perah Nadir".

War is not the answer

Dear friends,

(2012.11.19) I have been asked for my response to the trouble in the South of Israel and in Gaza, and here it is on IFLAC Radio:

I would be glad to hear your opinion and response. Let us hope that by then Hamas will stop bombing Israel and Israel would stop defending itself by retaliations, and we will have Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.

Dr. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founding President

Ada receives President Shimon Peres Award 2012

Ada receives President Shimon Peres Award for Volunteerism 2012 (2012.09.09) On September 4, Ada proudly received the Israeli President's Award for Volunteerism, for promoting peace initiatives between Jews and Arabs.

"Ada Aharoni, I am very impressed by all the wonderful work you do for promoting Peace Culture and Peace between Israel and her neighbors," President Shimon Peres said when he presented her with the Award.

The ceremony took place at the official residence of President Peres in Jerusalem. Ada invited 45 guests to attend the ceremony with her.


Dr. Yosef Gotlieb, Chair of IFLAC Jerusalem, writes:

I was invited to the ceremony by my dear friend, Dr. Ada Aharoni, a writer, poet, scholar and activist who was one of the six leaders and five organizations - eleven in all award winners. Ada was recognized for her outstanding life contributions since the early 1970s on behalf of "peace culture between Arabs and Jews." I have come to know Ada in the context of the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC), a group active all over the world and composed of people of letters dedicated to the advancement of peace. Ada, who immigrated alone to Israel from Egypt at the age of seventeen, is a former chair of the World Congress of Egyptian Jews and a tireless fighter for coexistence and understanding.

Despite the afternoon heat, President Peres actively participated in the ceremony. His words conveyed wisdom, experience and benevolence and he was warmly received. He spoke about the vital role volunteerism played in the state-building process. He asserts that it remains a core value of the Israeli national ethos.

One of the President's most incisive remarks related to the rising role that civil society and volunteer organizations play in public affairs. He believes that government authority is being replaced around the world by civil initiatives and popular will channeled into action.

I believe that the President, who is keenly aware of emerging trends, is right on the mark and this is one of the basic messages I make in Rise, A Novel of Contemporary Israel, where the Rise movement is the instrument of change at a time when the government is unwilling or unable to advance the interests of the country's citizenry.

See also: Prof. Ada Aharoni to receive President Shimon Peres Award 2012

Bringing Hearts Together in the Ahmedim Mosque in Kababir

(2012.07.07) As the first woman, Ada was invited to speak in the Ahmedim Mosque in Haifa, at their annual Conference. They invited her because her book Kiruv Levavot has the same title as their Conference: Bringing Hearts Together.

Read more about the event and Ada's poem Ahmedim in the IFLAC Blog.

Ada speaking in the Ahmedim Mosque in Kababir
Ada speaking in the Ahmedim Mosque in Kababir

The Second Exodus - A New Way to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians

(2012.06.05) Ada has just published two video lectures on YouTube on the Second Exodus, about the uprooting of Jews from Arab countries after the State of Israel was established in 1948.

See the lecture in English or Hebrew.

Ada Aharoni

Ada to receive President Shimon Peres Award 2012

(2012.05.19) On September 4, Ada will receive the "President Shimon Peres Award for 2012", for the spreading of the Culture and Literature of Peace in the Middle East and in the World.

This is the most prestigious award in the field of volunteering in Israel. It is given each year to six leaders and six organizations. Ada is one of the leaders this year and is awarded the Prize for her work in the spreading of the Culture of Peace since 1974, when she founded "The Bridge of Jewish and Arab Women" together with her departed friend Ruth Lys. IFLAC was established in 1999.

"I was away on an enjoyable sailing trip to Greece, and when I came back I had the lovely surprise to learn that I have been selected to receive the prestigious award," Ada says. "Sometimes we have the feeling that nobody notices our hard and continuous peace work, but when the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, who is a Nobel Prize Laureate, and beloved and honored by the whole world, notices, appreciates, and awards his Prize for 2012 to the Founder-President of IFLAC for the promotion of the Culture of Peace, it gives us a lot of satisfaction and hope."

The Award ceremony will take place at the President's Residence in Jerusalem, with 800 guests and media coverage.

Syndic Literary Journal publishes poems by Ada

(2012.04.28) In Syndic No. 6, 34 authors/artists from 10 countries read aloud their poems and stories. Ada reads three of her poems: Tali, my Beautiful Rare Flower, Peace is a Woman and The Poor.

Go & listen.

Tali, a Rare Flower

Rare Flower

(2012.03.30) Perah Nadir - Rare Flower is Ada's new book, dedicated to her departed daughter, Tali, after her brave struggle with cancer. The book was launched at a touching event at the Writer's House is Tel Aviv in March. Composer and singer Shoshia Beeri Dotan sang poems from the book.

"Poets and Writers friends read their preferred poems from the book and explained why they chose them. Their words bridged the link between heaven and earth, Talia and me and them, all flew on wings of love and harmony together on that most wondrous evening," Ada writes.

The cover of the book shows Tali when she was a student working on her M.A. on "Social and Community Care and Development" in the Dept. of Social Work at Haifa University. The book will also be translated into English.

Tali Winkler
Tali Winkler (1956-2011)

Radio interview with Ada

(2012.01.21) Israeli Radio Oranim recently interviewed Ada on IFLAC and the theme of Peace in her books. Listen to the interview below (Hebrew).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Greeting to IFLAC for 2012

(2011.12.31) Dear IFLAC Directors, Members and Friends,

I wish a very joyful, peaceful and healthy New Year 2012 to each of you.

May the New Year 2012, fully recognize at last, that our IFLAC way: Peace through Bridges of Literature, Culture and Communication is so much better than violence, conflict, destruction and wars!

Please invite all your friends and colleagues to join us, by visiting and adhering to our rich and wonderful site and blog at: www.iflac.wordpress.com in which you can publish your thoughts and ideas, by commenting on thought-provoking articles and items.

This year, with your devoted and kind help again, we will attempt to double the members who have joined us through our above site. Together, we will double our efforts in spreading our IFLAC values to the whole of our global village. We will continue in our noble attempt of creating a beautiful world of humane care and kindness for each other, a brave New World of Peace and Harmony – Beyond War, Terror and Violence.

With all the very best wishes to you and to your families,

Dr. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founding President

Ada reads poems in the Syndic Literary Journal

(2011.12.04) Syndic No. 5 is out, featuring multimedia presentations by international authors and artists, including Ada. She reads three of her poems: Universal Woman, A Bridge of Peace and Siniora, My New Friend in Gaza.

Enjoy the poetry reading at Syndic.

Ada spoke up on WomensRadio

(2011.11.24) Speak Up! is a show on WomensRadio in which guests are invited to talk about issues concerning women.

WomensRadioIn an interview with the Speak Up! Host Pat Lynch, Ada talked about IFLAC and the necessity of building bridges of peace. Inspired by the recent veil burning in Yemen, she also said that it is time to burn the Burkas as well. In fact, “Burn the Burkas” will be a new IFLAC project for 2012. She said that if the men like the Burkas so much, let them wear one themselves.

Listen to the interview, Peace by Building Bridges, at WomensRadio. At their site, WomesRadio also kindly published two of Ada’s peace poems: A Bridge of Peace and Peace Is a Woman and a Mother.


A Poem to Tali (1956-2011)



There is nothing in the world harder than to lose a daughter!
Enough of drowning in the sea of tears
Sorrow is a never ending trap
That swallows all my entity, all my hours, all my plans,
Everything seems to me to be shallow, tasteless,
Lacking any horizon, without any goal
Without Tali.

However, this is not what Tali expected of me,
"Go on with your struggle for peace ma,"
She whispered, "For both of us,
When I am not here."

I have to follow her example
To honor her memory with her optimistic message
Full of peace and hope,
To follow her spirit for the creation of a better society,
A better Middle East, a better world
Without violence, destruction, terror and famine,
A new world at peace with itself and far beyond war.

Stop the tears, the work of peace
Is tremendous and Tali expects me to continue
For both of us, and indeed we will all continue
To build your loving peace path Tali, through IFLAC -
In your spirit, with your devotion and with
Your wise angelic smile

Your loving mother

Tali and Lotem
Tali and her granddaughter Lotem


In Loving Memory of Tali (1956-2011)



She had twinkling honey-green eyes
and velvety black curls -
she laughed in the wind
and sang and danced under the trees with the stars
Tali, Tali, Tali, Tali

"You have breast-cancer that has spread"
the doctors curtly said -
"Chimio-Therapy all your life!"
She stopped laughing in the wind
and stopped singing and dancing with the stars
Tali, Tali, Tali, Tali

"I won't let you poison me anymore!"
she firmly said and fled
from the Chimio-Therapy trap -
to grass-juice, green vegetables and fruit
Tali, Tali, Tali, Tali

She won, she triumphed!
She laughs again in the wind
she dances again with the stars -
my lovely, courageous daugther
Tali, Tali, Tali, Tali

(June 2009)

Tali Winkler, my wonderful daughter, passed away on July 8, 2011,
after a courageous struggle agains cancer, for sixteen long and fruitful years.

Now she rests in peace, and
Sings, dances and twinkles with the immortal stars forever.

Ada Aharoni


Tali Winkler
Tali Winkler (1956-2011)


Israel-Palestine: The need for practical solutions

(2011.07.05) In her new article, Peace and Harmony between Israelis and Palestinians based on Mutual Recognition of National Aspirations, Ada writes: “Processes that take place in a society are rarely reversible; repair of wrongs and compensation of suffering cannot usually be accomplished by a return to the previous situation but by the creation of a new situation that is beneficial while appropriate to the new conditions.”

Geisha Girls

(2011.07.02) Ada was recently reminded about her poem "Geisha Girls" below when she was asked to contribute a poem to a Poetry Anthology on Japan. She wrote the poem in the 1970's while on a half sabbatical in Japan together with her husband Haim. Haim was invited by a colleague to visit a Geisha House, and as a good husband he asked Ada to come with them. Ada of course enthusiastically said "yes!"

"Haim's Japanese colleague was perturbed because only men went to the Geisha House, but he finally invited his wife, because I was present," Ada recalls. "She said that thanks to me she would visit a Geisha House for the first time in her life!"

The poem is inspired by the words she whispered in Ada's ear at the establishment. She later became very active in the feminist movement in Japan.



Hai, squid and seaweed in bamboo boat -
Mother, what is she doing to my husband,
rubbing his chest and leg and ego?
Hai, jelly fish and seaweed in roasted eye.
 Mother, why did you tell me
 they are just psychological hostesses
 sometimes singers and dancers, but nothing more -

 If a psychologist caressed my breast and leg
 wouldn't Kikuji be annoyed too?
 And when I need a psychologist, mother,
 whom do I go to?
 Hai, crab and seaweed in parching mouth,
 which unlike yours and granny's
 refuses to be custom-choked.

 Mother, oh mother, I'm so lonely
 when he goes to the geisha girls!
 I dangle a thousand million cranes for the day
 when the geishas will rise from the tatami
 in their rose-winged kimonos,
 mount the bamboo boat and float
 straight out of our lives.

Sketchbook publishes Ada's poems

(2011.05.08) Several of Ada's poems, including "A Green Week" and "Cosmic Woman", were published in the International Poetry Magazine Sketchbook, March/April 2011 edition. This edition contains poems, art and features by 86 writers from 21 countries.

If a White Horse from Jerusalem

(2011.04.22) Ada's poem "A White Horse from Jerusalem" inspired Professor of Music and Musical Director Bret Zvacek to compose a new piece by the same name. The work was presented in concert with Central New York Jazz Orchestra, featuring legendary saxophonist David Liebman as soloist, in Syracuse, New York in April. Liebman played with Miles Davis in the 1970s.

Ada's own inspiration for the poem was a white runaway horse that found its way to her street in Haifa and smiled at her. It came from the Druze village Ussfiya, incidentally the same village where IFLAC some years later would establish their Tent of Peace.

If a white horse from golden Jerusalem,
bearing a message from the land of global peace
strides so valiantly
in the early dawn hours
of my own street,
as if it were the ocean
as if it were the bright blue sky -
then all is possible...

Read the whole story about The White Horse from Jerusalem in the IFLAC Blog.

New IFLAC Project: The Golden Book of the Jews of Egypt

(2011.04.17) IFLAC has launched a new project: The Golden Book of the Jews of Egypt: My Own Second Exodus.

Out of the 100,000 Jews living in Egypt in the mid-twenties, only twenty old Jews are left there today, after their tragic uprooting.

The purpose of this project is to collect the oral-history narratives of the uprooting of the Jews from Egypt and from other Arab Countries before their authors pass away and take their stories with them.

IFLAC wants to collect these "Second Exodus" stories and publish them in a "Golden Book" in 2012.

Read more: The Golden Book of Jews of Egypt project.

The social role of writers/poets

(2011.04.10) Patrick Sammut, Vice-President of the Maltese Poets Association, published an interview with Ada about the role of writers/poets in the light of the recent natural disasters and other world events.

When asked about the role of writers/poets compared to that of politicians, Ada replied, "The politician’s role is to find immediate relief, but his actions will not always be remembered. On the other hand, the poet can express truths that will survive and speak out to generations after generations, as for instance the Peace Poems of the British Poet Wilfred Owen, who wrote during the First World War."

Read the whole interview in the IFLAC Blog.

Conference on the Jews from Egypt

(2011.03.25) On April 4, 2011 Ada Aharoni is organizing a conference on The Collective Memory and the Narrative of the Jews from Egypt at Bar-Ilan University.

Conference Program (Hebrew only)

International Women's Day

(2011.03.08) In celebration of the International Women's Day, March 8, enjoy a selection of Ada's Women Poems.


Your shy smile under your veil
And luminous dark eyes in the theatre
Of life, of strife, caught my eye
In the Ability Center in Khan Yunis, in Gaza.
I invited you to take a picture with us
And you charmingly accepted.
I gave you my peace poetry book in Arabic translation,
You read and said: "You love Peace as much as me!"
And you gave me your address, for more of my books.
You pointed out from the window
To the impressive new buildings in Gaza,
And we became new friends.
With women it is as easy as that.

You asked me about my children,
I asked you about your family, your plans,
You showed me your artwork, your workshop,
I showed you my inner writing, my pictures, my peace dreams.
You showed me your impressive museum
With gorgeous embroidered Palestinian dresses,
You gently asked: "Which one do you like best?"
I pointed to the dark blue with red embroidery,
Like the one I used to wear in Egypt, a long time ago,
And in my poetry presentations.
"I'll embroider it for you, and send it to you to Haifa,"
You promptly, softly said.
I was so moved, and hugged you dear Siniora,
My new friend in Gaza.
When our blue bus drove away,
We both had tears in our eyes,
My wonderful new friend in Gaza -
With women it is as natural, as easy as that.

Men! Learn from women for a change,
Let women help you make peace, make friends,
With women it is as natural, as easy as that.

IFLAC Supports the People of Egypt

(2011.02.19) IFLAC considers of historical importance the events which are taking place in the Middle East region, and particularly the democratic change which has been undertaken by the people of Egypt after 18 days of a captivating mobilization, chiefly in the El Tahrir Square in Cairo. As an institution created for promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding, IFLAC considers of utmost significance the participation in those events of young men and women of all walks of life and different beliefs, united by their will to call for democracy and freedom and for a better future for their country. We applaud the unprecedented social movement striving for Freedom, Dignity and Social Justice, and moved by values and principles which are at the heart of the IFLAC mission.

We send our sympathy and condolences to the families of all the peaceful demonstrators who lost their lives during those uprisings. May they rest in peace.

Prof. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founder - President

New Year Greeting 2011

Dear IFLAC Members and Friends,

(2011.01.01) I take the opportunity before the opening of the new decade, beginning in 2011, to wish you and yours: peace, happiness, good health and success in all your endeavors.

I am very glad that in 2010 we have had many fruitful achievements, among them: 109,330 people have visited our IFLAC sites, in English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Romanian and Hungarian. We warmly thank Maria Cristina Azcona, our IFLAC Director in South America, together with her Vice President Susana Roberts, and Harmonie Botella, our IFLAC Director in Spain, for the excellent IFLAC Spanish sites they have created. We also warmly thank Tatomir Ion-Marius, our IFLAC Director in Romania and Hungary, for the wonderful and impressive sites in Romanian and Hungarian.

Warm thanks are due to Solveig Hansen, in Norway, our expert technical editor of the very professional site: Ada Aharoni's Homepage that includes all the above sites, including the impressive and rich Guestbook which you are invited to visit and sign.

Another one of our greatest achievements which we are very proud of is the daily e-publication of our IFLAC Digest Newsletter that provides and spreads information on the progress of the Culture of Peace in the Middle East and around the world. The IFLAC Digest also allows us to connect, inspire and educate ourselves and our environment.

Already 2,645 Editions of the IFLAC Digest have been published on the Internet, and we estimate that it reaches more than 20,000 individuals across the world. We warmly thank Hany Eldeib, the owner and technical director of our IFLAC Yahoo site, for his constant support and faithful work. All the IFLAC Digests, from the very first one to this day, are available on the IFLAC Yahoo site.

Among the many significant and important IFLAC activities in 2010, on the 7th of December 2010, our IFLAC Delegate in Japan, Taki Yuriko, in cooperation with us, sent a letter in the name of IFLAC, to President Obama, to stop all nuclear tests in the present and in the future. We hope this letter will be answered positively very soon.

We warmly greet and give thanks to all the active IFLAC Ambassadors, Writers, Poets, and Members in the WORLD IFLAC NETWORK. In 2011, IFLAC will continue its efforts to pave the way to a culture of harmony and peace in the Middle East and in our global village. We will appeal to governments, global institutions and to the world media, to act as responsible caretakers and trustees of humankind and of our planet. We will ask them to widely spread a global Culture of Peace and of democracy throughout our global village, with the aid of our project the "IFLAC PCTVI: The Peace Culture Television and Internet". The PCTVI would not only widely promote the spreading of a culture of peace; it would also help to eliminate the very concept and practice of war. In addition, it would also promote peace education, and progress and wellbeing for all people, as well as gender equality.

Finally, in 2011, we hope to witness the building of a Palestinian State, living in peace and harmony by the side of its neighbor - the State of Israel, and that both States would flourish, like fruitful "pomegranates full of pearly, ruby grains".

I wish you all, a very happy, peaceful and fruitful New Year 2011.

Dr. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founder - President

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